Why am I in love with the Nanolash Serum?

Why am I in love with the Nanolash Serum?

I always hated my lashes. They were short and sparse. For 4 weeks, I have been using the eyelash enhancer Nanolash and I already have great results. When I was choosing the Serum I was looking for sth safe and effective. My lashes has grown longer and there is much more growing out. I am fully positive about the final results and cannot wait till my lashes are doll long. After such a short period I can see a huge difference in the appearance of my lashes. They are stronger and thicker. Prior to using the Nanolash I was experimenting with castor oil a bit and it did not worked well for me.

Nanolash Serum

I found this method messy and time consuming. The product took a good few hours to be completely absorbed and I was stuck at home. Nanolash penetrates into deeper skin layers and within 3 min, I am ready to put my make-up on and ready to rock. On the package, it says to use it nightly on a clean skin but I prefer to apply it early in the morning before brushing my teeth. It is simple and it takes only 20sek. I normally wear lenses so I put the serum on before putting my lenses on. The product is in a liquid form and it needs to be applied just on the lashline. I couldn’t find any information regarding the brow area but I have decided to put a bit of serum on the outer corner of my brows where hair is sparse.

Who is the Nanolash Conditioner for?

NANOLASH is a conditioner recommended for both women and men. The Conditioner can be used by people with sensitive eyes and for those who wear contact lenses. The Serum cannot be used by anybody undergoing chemotherapy, pregnant or breastfeeding women and under the age 18.

What lash enhancer do you use? Have you tried any of the drugstore products? I would love to know if any of those cheaper products actually work.

29 Comments “Why am I in love with the Nanolash Serum?”

  1. gipsy

    just curious, what’s the price on this beauty?

  2. mary96

    I used other cheaper eyelash serum and it was
    very disappointing. I think that the conditioners
    for eyelashes are in general subjective matter.
    Nowadays, you can buy some at every corner,
    but the fact how it relates to the effectiveness
    is whole other thing. I know one thing for sure,
    never go for the cheap ones, because quality
    is not one of its features.
    I don’t believe in any eyelash conditioner below $50.

    • Lara Emer

      True. Price always depends on numerous researches,
      dermatologist tests, components. When it comes to
      Nanolash it translates to the effectiveness, and when
      you take into consideration the effects it has,
      the price is not that over the top.

      • Gabby

        Besides, it may seem like spending over $50
        at once is a lot, but when you divide it into
        the months of treatment it is not that much any more.

  3. Maggie Sims

    I now use Nanolash and it works 100%.
    To be true I have no comparison to other, but
    I see the difference between
    what my eyelashes was and is now.

    • Syri

      what effects you have exactly?
      And isn’t it like causing any irritations because
      I once used some eyelash serum and
      I had crazy allergic reaction to it

      • Maggie Sims

        I bought mine about 2 months ago
        so a lot may still change in my eyelashes,
        but for the moment I can tell that my lashes
        are like 3 or 4 mm longer, especially at
        the lower eyelashes line. It is quite noticeable
        ’cause lashes are darker than they used to and
        there plenty of these small, short lashes that
        make them appear dense. I have never expected
        this effect so in my opinion this serum is awesome

        • Eva

          and there is no darkening on the eyelids?

          • Maggie Sims

            Hey, no, not at all, I have not observed anything like it.
            I’ll say more, there is no irritation to the eyes or the eyelids

      • Kaya P

        I use it for few days now and there is no irritations
        and I always had problem with super sensitive eyes.
        Now, I wait for the first effects 🙂

        • kitty

          let us know when you have one 😉

  4. anette

    I use it too 🙂

  5. alex22

    wonder where to buy it, eBay?

    • micaa

      I have mine from the Nanolash site, I saw some on eBay,
      but its safer to buy from the source, just sayin’

      • T.Bette

        Bought on their website just to be sure and the delivery was like super quick

  6. hannAH

    well, I don’t know about the serum, but I heard that only Lumigan has some effects, the rest is just placebo

    • Therese Smith

      I’m a beautician and we sell Revitalash in the salon and it has the same ingredient as mentioned above Lumigan also known as Latisse. Only that Latisse you can get in USA on prescription. However, you can easily get Revitalash and Nanolash with almost the same composition and they are as effective as Latisse. Revitalash sells well and you can see the results when clients get back to us after some time for the treatment or go to the hairdresser (next door). To be true, you can’t get more affordable replacement and the commission for Revitalash is very low.

      • anonymous

        Yeah, also heard that nanolash is the same as revitalash

      • eve27

        exactly! Composition is almost the same only price of Nanolash is lower.

  7. Rosy

    I used lilash and JUST DON’T

  8. madeline

    agreed. It irritates eyes and there is no effect, not what I expected, I will try Nanolash since you say it’s so good 🙂

  9. tamara

    the best castor oil !

  10. ivy93

    just bought the TWO STEPS! with a friend, the cost is smaller. I only just started using, but for my friend it is the second tube. She has great results!

  11. Lara Emer

    Please share your impression after the Nanolash treatment. I recommended it to my closest friends and… 100% of them is happy with the effect!

  12. tina

    I have never assumed that any cosmetic will ever be so effective. Seriously! Difference is seen after 3 weeks and, let me tell ya, it is some big change! So, so satisfied and I have absolutely no regret over spending so much money on it, though till now I usually picked the cheaper ones.

    • blueberry

      Until now I used the cheap drug store type of conditioners, but no effect. You convinced me to try nanolash. I will be back with the results

  13. marlene_stone

    what about brows? Works or not? My brows are like sooo thin that I have to draw them every single day :/

    • Shane

      Of course! I use Nanolash on eyelashes and eyebrows for 2 months now and the effect is superb. I managed to grow thick brows. Don’t get me started on the lashes! 🙂

  14. paola86

    I had L4L but after few days it turns out I’m allergic to it. Tried Nanolash and now I finish the tube. Simply amazing! I have never had such eyelashes!


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