DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash. My Evaluation and Review

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Let me share a product review today: DIY Eyelash Extensions from Nanolash! It is a novelty. The product is to enable fast application of cluster lashes at home and they are supposed to last for even 5 days. I couldn’t help myself. I had to try them!

cluster lash extensions nanolashWhat can I tell you about my lashes? They’re healthy but quite thin and barely noticeable. Buying the DIY Eyelash Extensions, I wanted to… save money! Eyelash extensions by a lash tech put a strain on my budget but also took a lot of time.

The DIY Eyelash Extensions are to guarantee we apply cluster lashes at home in just 10 minutes! They couldn’t go unnoticed!

DIY eyelash extensions Nanolash. Which product have I picked?

Before the review of Nanolash cluster lashes, let me share some product details.

At the brand’s website, I found a box of 36 pieces of cluster lashes in 3 sizes: 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm. Plus there are 8 styles to choose from! At the website I also found a full lash extensions set which additionally contains the remover, sealer, bonder and lash tweezers from the brand Nanolash.

I bought the case with cluster lashes only. If you haven’t got the essential products and accessories, then go for the full kit. Nanolash products make the application at home much easier.

Cluster lashes for self application (DIY)How to apply lash extensions at home using Nanolash cluster lashes?

Let’s get to testing the DIY Eyelash Extensions. The brand promises these cluster lashes guarantee easy DIY lash extension and the process should take us just 10 minutes. Ready, steady, go!

Firstly, I prepped my lashes. I removed my makeup and dried the eye area. Next, I applied a layer of the bonder and waited until it got sticky. I picked up a lash cluster briskly and placed it right under the natural lashes, as close to the lash line as possible. I pressed it with the tweezers. To finish the process, I applied the sealer.

What were my thoughts after applying Nanolash cluster lashes?

  • Applying cluster lashes took me less than 10 minutes.
  • The Nanolash bonder is great for holding the lash clusters so applying them is problem-free.
  • The thin, black band blends seamlessly with the natural lash line.
  • The DIY lash extensions blend with real lashes perfectly.

I guess the DIY Eyelash Extensions are one of the best cluster lashes I’ve tested so far!

how long do cluster lashes last

DIY eyelash extensions allow you to get lusciously long eyelashes at home. The Fantasy model gives the Hollywood Volume effect.

How many days did I wear Nanolash cluster lash extensions?

Easy lash extension can be done at home; Nanolash cluster lashes did brilliantly. Still, did the wisps last long enough? The brand promised we can wear them for even 5 days.

After applying cluster lashes, I did my best to take good care of the lashes, for example I tried not to sleep on my stomach, and I was gentle when removing eye makeup. Thanks to that, my cluster lashes looked amazing after 8 days of wear! I believe the proper aftercare is the thing that makes lash extensions last longer.

Let me share one more thing I noticed. The producer says these are disposable lash extensions. After taking them off I noticed they had the same shape. I removed the glue residue from the band and applied the same lash clusters again! I think we can reuse the DIY Eyelash Extensions from Nanolash many times.

My thoughts on Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions

Summing up, the eyelash extensions from Nanolash work great for me. I love how economical the product is; 36 clusters are enough for 4 applications, assuming we apply 4 or 5 clusters on one eyelid. What’s more, we can reuse the clusters so they will last us longer.

I also love the variety of styles and lengths. One day I can do Hollywood Volume lashes, and then a more subtle lash style. Nanolash offers easy-to-apply lash extensions and, with the right aftercare, we can enjoy wearing them for longer.

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