How to Remove Makeup Properly and Thoroughly [My Tips, Tricks, And Advice]

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I have to admit that cleansing is a staple in my skincare routine. Washing away my makeup is one of my favorite parts of my daily skincare routine. I’ve prepared a tutorial on how to thoroughly cleanse your face so you too can learn why you need to perform thorough makeup removal. Keep reading to find out more:)

My way to thoroughly remove makeup

Before removing my makeup, I wash my hands properly and tie my hair up so that it doesn’t get in the way while I’m washing my face. I introduced the 3 stages of cleansing during my skincare routine: makeup removal with cotton pads, oil, and a face gel.

I start by removing my eye makeup with cotton pads. I soak the cotton pads in micellar makeup remover and press them to my eyelids. I hold them for about a minute so that the mascara or eyeshadows dissolve well. This allows me to avoid rubbing my eyes. With a “downward” motion, I wash away the makeup with a cotton pad. If necessary, I repeat this action several times. I do the same with my eyebrows and lips.

I then proceed to cleanse my skin with makeup-removing oil. I chose castor oil as it works best for my combination skin, plus it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. I pour some of the product onto my clean hands and massage it into my face in circular motions. I do this very gently, massaging the skin with my fingertips. This trick allows me to avoid irritation and micro-damage that cotton pads may cause. Plus, I produce less rubbish 🙂

I move on to cleansing my skin with a face gel. As you know, it is not possible to wash away the oil with water alone. I choose gentle cleansers with non-irritating ingredients in their formulas. I wet my hands with water and apply some gel onto them until it foams. I apply it to my face and wash it in circular motions. When the gel stops foaming it’s a sign it’s time to wash it all away with water. To be sure, I repeat this action.

I dry my face with a soft towel and voilà! My face is ready for the next steps of my skincare routine.

Important: I perform such thorough makeup removal only in the evening. In the morning, my face does not need such a thorough cleansing. All I need is to wash it with a gentle gel, pat it dry, and I can proceed to apply more products and then do my makeup.

Why do you HAVE TO remove your makeup?

Have you ever gone to bed still wearing makeup? I hope it was just a one-off situation 🙂 If not – you need to unlearn it quickly! Lack of makeup removal has serious consequences for the condition of your skin…

  • It contributes to faster aging of your skin. Residues of foundation, concealer, and powder form a layer on the skin’s surface not allowing the skin to breathe properly and making it regenerate more slowly. On top of that, preservatives and other synthetic ingredients in makeup products support the development of free radicals, responsible for premature aging.
  • Bacteria develop, causing blackheads. Lack of makeup removal is a quick way to clog pores or make your acne much worse.
  • You can cause brow and lash loss. Leaving makeup residue on your lashes and brows causes the hair to become brittle and fragile. As a result, they can fall out excessively.
  • Skin becomes dry. Lack of makeup removal and therefore proper skin care can drastically worsen the condition of your skin. Your skin will become dull, saggy, and dry patches may appear. The face will quickly lose its radiance and suppleness.

I hope my post has motivated you to cleanse your face thoroughly every day :)

Check out my other tutorials and see you next time. Byeaaa!

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