Make-Up without Tools- New Hit

Have you ever tried to the make up without the help of a Beauty Sponge, brushes and even the eye shadows? It is not as difficult as it seems. Keep reading to find out more.

We are in a constant rush. We do not have time to eat proper breakfast, not to mention perfecting the morning make up. Contrary to what most of the women think, great make up can be created in just 3 minutes. How it this possible?


You need to realize that we have to follow a few dress code rules when going to work or school. Wearing false lashes or glittery lipstick may be perceived as too bold and improper. Firstly, apply the BB cream or a moisturizing lotion on your face. Make sure, you cover all dry areas including your cheeks and around your nostrils. This way, your foundation will last longer and it will not flake off during the day. Then, use your full coverage concealer to cover all skin discolorations. Make sure that you put a generous amount of this beauty product under your eyes to cover the grey circles. You can use the foundation, but only in those areas that that have uneven skin tone. You do not need a brush; use your fingers. You will be amazed how well you can blend the product into your skin. Tap the foundation in small strokes to get the airbrush effect. You can use the eye premier directly on your lips to lock the moisture and intensify the colour of your lipstick. If you do not wear the heavy eye make-up, you can accent your lips and cheeks. Apply a small amount of the blush on the apples of your cheeks. Again, you can use your fingers. Do not rub, just tap it gently. If you wish, you can also use the same product on your lips and in the outer corners of your upper eyelids. This way, your look will be balanced and harmonized. There is nothing worse than the lipstick that clashes with the shade of the blush. Do not forget to apply a thin coat of classic, black mascara on bottom and lower lashes. This kind of make-up takes only a couple of minutes; it is simple and very flattering.

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