How to clean your make-up brushes? D.I.Y. disinfecting spray for make-up applicators

At least one a month, all the make-up accessories such as brushes, sponges, eyelash curlers, applicators as well as the inner parts of cosmetic’s caps and lids should be cleaned. What is the reason for doing it? Firstly, while using and applying cosmetics on the face, we collect at the same time all the impurities gathered on the complexion, for example, bacteria, dead skin cells or sebum. Such impurities stay on the bristle and exist under a make-up foundation or eye shadows. Secondly, make-up brushes stored inappropriately, for instance, in an open box, not in a make-up bag, are exposed to dust. Important to realize, in such a case, one performing make-up, combine cosmetics with the dust gathered on make-up brushes and then apply the mixture on the face. Obviously, the make-up bag or make-up brush case have to be cleaned as well. But how to do it properly?


Generally speaking, a disinfecting make-up brush spray can be bought at any chemist’s, in on-line cosmetic shops or at druggist’s. Obviously, all that has to be done is spray all applicators’ bristle and put aside till these dry out. In such a way, all bacteria is destroyed.

The second manner of make-up brushes cleaning is more traditional one. Pour a make-up remover liquid into a bowl or create the mixture of warm water and soap. Next, put the brushes in the bowl in such a way to prevent the handles form having the contact with the liquid substances. After a few hours, drain the brushes with the aid of a paper towel and leave these to dry. Mind you, do not use hair dryer since the hot air may lead to bristle damage.

There is yet another method of cleaning make-up brushes. Neither have you to buy a disinfecting make-up brush spray nor prepare soap and water bath for your make-up accessories every month. You can create your own liquid for make-up brushes cleaning at home. Take a bottle with atomizer. Naturally, be sure that the bottle has been washed thoroughly beforehand. Next, pour inside water (70%,) alcohol or strong disinfectant gel for hand washing (10%,) and a hand dish-washing detergent (10%.) Shake to make all the components combine. Now, spray a tissue and rub the bristle of each and every make-up brush and other make-up accessories you own and put aside to let these dry freely.

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