How to Guard Hair from Heat? List of Best Thermal Protection Sprays

Bad hair day…

We all have it from time to time, don’t we?

Frizz, static flyaways, dry and dull hair, split ends, and generally not looking good – too much hair styling is often a reason for that. Not styling as such, but the high temperature which is involved.

High temperatures make our hair worse – FACT

Heat worsens the hair in different ways. The worst thing is turning water into steam while water is a natural ingredient in the hair, essential to keep it healthy. By exposing the hair to heat, we let it lose moisture and get dry. Also, heat destroys keratin reserves and weakens the hair structure, causing dryness, breakage and split ends.

UV radiation is also destructive, which is why sun protection is as important as protection against hot devices.

How can we protect our hair from heated devices and high temps.?

There are different methods. On the one hand, we can cut down on heat styling, put the straightener aside, and wash the hair early enough so it can dry naturally. Sure, we can, but I know it’s hard.

I protect my hair against heat by using heat protectants for hot styling. All I need to do is spray some product all over my hair – it’s safe and damage-proof because such cosmetics act as a shield against all damaging factors and reduce the harmfulness of frequent heat styling.

Getting the right protectant is essential and I’m sure you wonder…

…which heat protectant spray proves the best choice?

Here’s a list of my favorite, light heat protectants for hair:

Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray (200 ml) – a light-textured hair mist, looks elegant, smells lovely and has a non-overburdening texture. It’s rich in silk proteins and ingredients that safeguard the hair from thermal damage during hot styling (from temps. climbing to 220 degrees!). It also keeps the hair from getting dull and helps it maintain shine, revitalizing and strengthening it at the same time. It’s the best hair styling spray I’ve used so far.

Philip B. Thermal Protection Spray (125 ml) – this hair spray prevents damage due to heated styling devices, and moisturizes the hair thanks to a combination of botanicals: safflower extract, sweet almond oil and mongongo oil. It also repairs and rejuvenates because it’s rich in amino acids and vitamin E. Overall, it’s not just a protector but also a styling primer, adding volume and beautifying the hair. I just don’t like how fast it’s used up.

CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray (237 ml) – another spray for protecting the hair easily. It contains silk proteins and the special formula maintains optimal hydration and nourishes the hair. It’s not the best product when we look at the ingredients but it has a tempting price and light consistency, not leaving the hair heavy or oily.

Balmain Thermal Protection Spray (200 ml) – a light-textured water-based hair mist with a lovely pink color, comes in a minimalist clear bottle. The design probably makes you think of a great product and it’s true, however, I think it’s slightly too pricey. Still, in exchange we get effective protection against heat and strengthening thanks to added silk and panthenol.

Kemon And 13 Heat Spray (200 ml) – thermal protection styling spray with ferulic acid and flavonoids from grape seeds. It protects the hair against thermal damage and free radicals which worsen the condition of hair. It can be used on dry or wet hair for boosting smoothness, resilience and shine. It’s a good product for safe heat styling, but components could be better.

Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Flatliner (200 ml) – serum for those who often flat-iron the hair and need protection from extreme temps. This product also reduces hair breakage and acts as a primer, smoothing the strands. Too bad the used ingredients aren’t beneficial for hair, which is definitely a turnoff if you pay attention to products you put in your strands.

Must-read! Things you should know

First, you don’t have to choose the above products (though I highly recommend trying them). I encourage you to test different options to get the best one for your hair.

Just remember that a heat protectant for hair:

  • should be light-textured and water-based to avoid weighed-down hair
  • must guard the hair from extreme temps.
  • preferably, should be spray-on, that is easy to use
  • can be used on dry and wet hair
  • should be rich in repairing substances such as proteins