Heat-free curls? How to do it at home

I am super excited to share with you my old-time favourite’s ways to create heat-fee curs. Yep, you head that well. No curling wand, no dryer with diffuser, and no straightener. I do practice it for a good couple of years since my hair became very fine and dry due to overusing the heat tools. Then I started looking for a healthy alternative to my Revlon curling iron and I came across many great ideas.

The easiest way to get a nice beach waves is creating a bun on your damp hair. Tie your hair up with the elastic and then wrap the loose hair around the tail to create a nice bun. Remember not to use any bun sponge, just your hair will do. Secure the hairdo with a baby pin and leave it to air dry, ideally for the whole night. In the morning, gently take your pins out and let down your hair. You can comb it through with your fingers and set it with the hairspray. I usually treat it with a tiny bit of mousse so they remain bouncy throughout the day.


A hair band is a great tool that will allow you to create thigh and defined curls. Contrary to the previous method, your hair needs to be completely dry. Take your regular hairband and put it on your hair. Starting from the top of your head take a section of hair and loop it over and around the headband. Add a new section of hair each time you loop through until you reach the back. When you reach the back you may still have some hair hanging down. Loop that up and around the band and tucking it in until there is no hear left. If your hair is shorter and easier to curl you can leave it up with the band for as little as 30 min to get body and waves. If your hair is longer, you may want to do put it just before going to bed. It is soft and comfortable to sleep on and in the morning, you will have cute curls. I usually curl my hair this way as it seems to be the quickest method for me.

There is another method which involves wrapping your hair around pieces of cloth but I found it time consuming.
Try one of the methods and let me know which do you like best.

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