How To Get Shiny Hair? Best Home Remedies

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Many of us struggle with the problem of dull and lackluster hair. And that counts me too. I finally learned the right hair care to make my strands shiny again. I tried a lot of products to see what my hair reacts well or badly to.

I believe I can share a fair amount of knowledge with you, so sit back and enjoy this post about the best home remedies for beautiful, shiny hair.

Causes of loss of shine

The look and condition of our hair are mainly telling of what is going on in our bodies. If we lack vitamins, minerals, and valuable fatty acids, it is bound to take its toll on our hair. Sleep deprivation and chronic stress are also the cause of the dullness of hair, so first of all, you should take care of your well-being.

The main cause of dull hair is the wrong hair care routine. Let’s be honest – we often damage our hair ourselves. Styling using high heat, frequent coloring, bleaching, darkening, and other hair treatments… the list goes on.

I have prepared 5 proven ways to give your hair a fresh start

What to do to get your hair back to shine?

No. 1 | Mild hair shampoos

Sometimes the hair is greasy and requires daily washing. It is worth getting a gentle hair shampoo designed for daily use. Aggressive silicones, parabens, and alcohol only dry out the scalp and disrupt its natural protective layer. Damage already at the washing stage is often irreversible. Let’s focus on good, moisturizing shampoos (you can safely use those for children).

No. 2 | Conditioners and hair masks

Remember that hair needs nourishment after every wash. Conditioners make the hair look better, while masks reach deeper, nourishing strands from within. Always check the ingredients of the hair products you use. From my own experience, I know that oils, vitamins, and herbal extracts work great for everyone – nothing enhances the shine of hair like these ingredients. Conditioners and hair masks with aloe vera, honey, argan oil, keratin, proteins, and vitamin E provide a powerful dose of regeneration. Just remember that they can cause a protein build-up, so your hair care routine should be tailored to your needs, and what worked for your friend won’t necessarily be good for you.

No. 3 | Cool rinse water

Hair doesn’t like hot water as it opens the hair cuticles. That’s why we always finish the washing with cool water – the cuticles close, and as a result, the strands are smoother and more pleasant to the touch. Hair doesn’t like when the water is either too hot or too cold.

No. 4 | Hair rinses

Does hair need to be acidified? Of course, it does. Since I’ve been using acidifying rinses, my hair has finally got that coveted shine. Rinses close the hair cuticles and get rid of any styling product residues. You can prepare DIY rinses, but you can also get them at any drugstore. Rinses are used after washing to nourish the strands.

No. 5 | Less styling products

More doesn’t mean better, so give up excessive amounts of mousse, hairspray, and hair styling creams. Washing silicone out of hair and scalp is not an easy task. Due to excessive use of hair products, the hair becomes coarse and dull. Overburdening the hair is a common cause of loss of shine.

Follow these few valuable tips and soon you’ll forget about dull hair once and for all. It’s not that difficult – all it takes is a few good habits to transform your hair care routine.

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