My Brow Hit: Nanobrow Shape Mascara

Hey guys! <3

Today I’m reviewing a terrific cosmetic which wowed me as soon as I used it for the first time.

I’m sure many of you dream of flawless brows. The dream can become real! Nanobrow Shape Mascara tames bushy brows and gives them beautiful natural shine. I stopped believing that there was an ideal brow product waiting for me. Thankfully it was!

My bestie recommended Nanobrow. Because we use many similar beauty items, I figured the mascara would be great for my brows too.

Is it?

Nanobrow Shape Mascara – first impressions

I read many positive reviews but they didn’t convince me. It was my friend’s recommendation that made me try it because we have the same type when it comes to cosmetics. ­čÖé

I knew the Nanobrow Shape Mascara would rock the moment I saw it. It comes in a luxury tube and has a refined spoolie for effortless application and reaching the shortest hairs.┬á I’ve never had a product that would provide such precise hair separation and brushed-up look. What’s most important – it stays on the brows all day. I don’t need to look into the mirror all the time or touch up make-up. I’m always sure the arches look their best for many hours.

Nanobrow Shape Mascara perfectly camouflages all gaps and there were lots of them in my brows and didn’t make the arches look neat… It is definitely the best brow filler.

The mascara comes in three colors:

  • Black┬á
  • Brown┬á
  • Light Brown┬á

I picked the last option because it goes best with my beauty type and color of the hair and eyes. The mascara immediately shapes my brows filling them with a gorgeous, natural color having a satin finish. Brow styling routine takes me a moment.

Nanobrow Shape Mascara –┬átimesaver for the busy ones

It is a brilliant option for all of you who rush in the morning or like to sleep a little longer. Iused to hate applying brow make-up. It was a nightmare. I had to spend lots of time making them look okay. Now I do my brows effortlessly and quickly. With Nanobrow Shape Mascara even brow makeup beginners will manage.

How to use this mascara?

  1. You just open the tube and brush up the hairs using the precise spoolie. Remember to start from the front of the brows.
  2. Next move towards the arch and tail filling the brow in with a selected color.
  3. Always apply more product on the tail for a natural effect.
  4. When the mascara sets, leave the brows as they are or add more layers, depending on the style you want to create.

It’s so simple, isn’t it? Nanobrow Shape Mascara is my beloved brow product and I recommend it to all of you. It’s a big hit <3

Let me know if you’ve used it and share your result!