Styling Favourite: Nanoil For Low Porosity Hair

The idea for the review came out of the blue. To be more precise, it was brought by a delivery man in a package about two weeks ago and left at my doorstep. It swept me off my feet. I’m head over heels in love with this product and I would like to share my discovery with you.

low-porosity-hair-nanoilLet me introduce you to Nanoil hair oil!

I always try to consciously select the products for my reviews. Hence, I only talk about the products that caught my attention and I truly believe are worth mentioning. Most of them usually change my opinion in terms of care – not only hair but also skin care. However, since I started using Nanoil hair oil, you can forget about my previous oil reviews.

This is what I have been looking for!

This time, it is all about hair. To begin with, I will describe my type: difficult to style, troublesome, does not look they way I want it to. I cannot say that my strands are ugly – on the contrary, they are shiny and smooth. To be honest, they are too smooth. I am not able to create any nice hairdos because they slip out of every hair tie or even bobby pins. Also, such strands are resistant to curling no matter whether it is heatless or with the use of a curling wand or hot rollers. I am sure that there are some people who would like to have straight hair at all times. Nevertheless, my volumeless hairstyle has been a long-term problem for me. Additionally, there is the constant struggle with drying. Not only it takes a long time to wet my hair before shampooing, later, it also takes time to get rid of the water. Blow-drying with a round brush is simply killing my hands.

Nanoil for low porosity hair:

– boosts drying time up to 3 times
– protects hair from sun radiation and high temperature
– facilitates styling, tames unruly strands
– does not weigh hair down but it increases volume

Those four properties were enough to sweep me of my feet. Nanoil for low porosity hair is a cosmetic I have been looking for, for a very long time. It comprises everything I longed for. What is more, it is completely natural!

The product contains no silicones, and alcohols. Instead, we get a well-balanced composition of oils, butters which are also enriched with panthenol, vitamins A, E and UV filter.

Nanoil for low porosity hair contains:

– Siberian cedar oil
– coconut oil
– heat protecting argan oil
– castor oil
– shea butter
– maracuja oil from passion fruit
– monoi oil
– Amazonian cupuacu butter

What is really hidden behind all those nice names? I have been familiar with some of those oils before, and some are a novelty for me. Thanks to Nanoil hair oil I was able to discover their magical properties. Each oil provides different effects, but as a whole – they complement one another. Therefore, you buy a universal formula that is the remedy for every possible problem you might have to face.

What I value Nanoil for low porosity hair for?

nanoil---low-porosity-hair1. It can be used on the entire length of hair as well as for hair oiling.
2. It is perfect for applying to wet hair, dry hair, overnight as hot oil treatment…whatever you prefer.
3. It is the only hair care product developed in a way to match particular hair type – hair porosity.
4. It provides complex care – from the roots to the ends.
5. It contains ingredients responsible for inhibiting hair loss and boosting hair growth.

Hair oiling is definitely my favourite method of hair care. Although, until recently, I had no idea how effective it can be. It did help but Nanoil made me aware of the fact that you can expect a lot more from an oil than just to moisturise and polish. I discovered that hair oils do not have to weigh down fine hair. Now I know Nanoil is the only cosmetic I need in my hair care. I’m head over heels in love with it.

The scent of this product is delicate, nice and long-lasting.

Its consistency is semi-liquid, lightweight hence rapidly absorbed.

The price is high but Nanoil is worth every money.

The bottle made of black tempered glass with the wooden cork is solid and elegant.

How about you? What is your experience with hair oils? Have you found the best Nanoil for your hair type among these three available options?


36 Comments “Styling Favourite: Nanoil For Low Porosity Hair”

  1. Elieen

    Heaven for hair. I have nanoil
    and my hair is in heaveeeeen!

  2. Caroline

    Flat iron is evilllll!

    • Deanna

      With Nanoil, straightener is not that bad! I recommend it. Though, easy with this flatiron haha

      • Natalie99

        Well, to be true I don’t use straightener, but every day blowdry my hair, even twice a day sometimes and it cost me dry and damaged hair. I started using Nanoil and the improvement is immense. Hair is smooth and soft in touch. And I still dry it everyday 🙂

  3. Trudi

    do they all smell alike? My friend has this one and her hair look a mazing but the fragrance is a no go for me 🙁 I have found out that my hair = different porosity and want to buy other type… buut I don’t know about this smell… anyone? Someone?

  4. Susanna

    can’t believe it, this is perfect for my hair, a week of use and already several hair problems are long gone…

  5. Alexandra Major

    like I live and breathe, do I have to come across this porosity thing everywhere? What are you talking about? Hair is hair, just as you see it. Bloggers always have to made up something…

    • Beauty.Look.

      your face is also “just as you see it” but I bet that when shopping you pay attention to the type of cream and for what skin type it is

      • Celine

        true, but it is easier for me to determine my skin than hair type. No idea, which precisely Nanoil I should choose :/

  6. Beauty.Look.

    I have to admit that I’m feelin’ this black bottle 🙂

    • make@me

      For me it was about the ingredients, though when I ordered it there was this thought at the back of my mind that it will look nice 😉 Sadly, greasy fingerprints stay all over it. But I’d buy it again!

    • alexis

      Feelin’ it too! 🙂 looks like a luxury cosmetic. Then there’s the fragrance.

  7. dannica

    Scent is stunning and stays long on hair.

  8. Pony

    Isn’t this bottle like heavy? Looks clumsy, but if you say it works miracles then I take it! 🙂

    • oh_my_dots

      some exercise do you good 😆

  9. Megan

    tempted by the flood of beneficial reviews, I bought this marvel. Marvel does not even begin to express it, never had anything that I could possibly compare to it and I use everything for my hair… oil yet marvel 😉

    • KateKate

      hah right, see that oil everywhere lately, turns out there is three of them!

  10. JuliS

    I want to try but there are 3 and I don’t know which to choose. ;( h e l p

    • barb29

      Julis, go to the website, there you have everything explained, there is only 3 so you can manage, I’m sure 🙂 Good Luck!

      • Lara Emer

        Yeah. Manufacturer gives you whole lot of description. I chose the right one for myself by just watching my hair and compering it to the descriptions on Nanoil webpage. However, if you still have doubts, just ask your hairdresser 🙂

      • emily

        I have for high porosity hair because my hair is parched :/ obviously, my friend was way more lucky than I, having healthy hair 😉 soo she chose for low porosity. We wait for the package to arrive, but let you know our opinions in couple of days!

  11. Joanna

    Wonder is high porosity as good as the medium porosity that was described here? Any of you had different versions and can share opinion?


      Hi, I had Nanoil for damaged hair. Before, my hair was frizzy, suffer from split ends and was… well, ugly, just ugly. I use Nanoil for high porosity hair for 4 weeks and the difference is colossal. I trimmed ends even before the treatment and now my hair is strong, soft and smooth. Just as it shoul be! 🙂

      • viki p

        I tried many different cosmetics to improve my hair just a little bit after all the bleaching and this is how I found this oil. Revelation!! it is exactly as you wrote it

    • michelle30

      Joanna, I can tell you that I used Nanoil for high porosity hair for 2 weeks. Hair in no longer falling out and is not brittle, but soft and elastic in touch, really positive shock and by the way, girls, never lighten your hair, do not make this mistake. To me Nanoil is a revolution because I tried anything ti regenerate my hair.

  12. Olivia

    the compositions looks amazing… curious is it really working such miracles… on the webpage are mentioned some vitamins and complexes for hair growth… can it all fit in to the bottle like this one?

  13. Katie S

    I use Nanoil for medium porosity hair along with my mum. We both noticed that hair started to grow super fast, plus my mum’s hair stopped falling out, personally I never had this problem.

  14. Pati

    Even my hairdresser recommends it! And it must be said that she usually is reluctant to products like this

    • JJ

      my hair stylist also spoke in only good words about the oil. She recommended it cause my hair is matte. Maybe I give it a go after all.

      • lilian

        I use it for a long time and I can confirm. Finally, my hair is glossy like right after the visit at the hairdresser 🙂

  15. VeryME

    Bottle is covered with greasy fingers, that’s some messy thing ;D

  16. Caroline. K.

    I have heard about hair oil treatment with natural oils, but after the first try I grew discouraged cause hair was very heavy and most of all difficult to wash. There was this one forum that I found and someone there was recommending Nanoil and I checked. No comparison!!! way better texture and hair is like new.

    • zebra

      Consistency and fragrance! Long after the treatment hair smell beautiful

  17. Lara Emer

    I’m glad to hear that you also liked Nanoil. I got many positive information about this product, not only from you but also my friends and I have no intention on giving up the effect I have achieved thanks to this oil 🙂

  18. sweet.milla

    Girls, I use it since recently and can see the difference, but what next? You write that it improves hair condition. Only what next, after finished treatment?

    • annn

      I finished the treatment and still use it, just to maintain. I want my hair to always look as great as now 🙂


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