The grand test is over! Did Nanobrow eyebrow serum pass with flying colors?

Some time ago I decided that I had to seriously approach the subject of eyebrow care. Obviously, to achieve my goal, I needed a really good product that wouldn’t only take care of my eyebrows but also the skin and follicles. I chose Nanobrow eyebrow serum. Was it a good choice? Let me invite you to read my post where I’ll describe you the effects, application, ingredients, price and give you several other crucial info concerning Nanobrow eyebrow serum.

eyebrow growth treatment nanobrowNanobrow eyebrow serum: Why did I choose it?

I was long looking for a product that doesn’t only affect eyebrows but also follicles and brow ridge skin. Of course, I also minded whether the formula includes natural ingredients, how easy it’s to use the serum, the availability and mostly whether it appears to satisfy my needs and expectations. I have to admit that the price wasn’t one of the biggest determinants here because I was (and I’m still) aware of the fact that high quality – which to me is the most important criterion – costs more than a regular and average product. Therefore, Nanobrow eyebrow serum became an obvious choice.

Is Nanobrow eyebrow serum also suitable for you?

Nanobrow eyebrow serum is good for you if:

  • your eyebrows are short, thin and sparse;
  • the color of your brows is light;
  • your brows are patchy;
  • you overdone with plucking;
  • your brow ridge skin is dehydrated;
  • the brows fall out uncontrollably;
  • the brows are damage-prone;
  • there is some important party coming (e.g. your BF’s wedding) and you have to look gorgeous.

best eyebrow growth nanobrowWhat are the benefits of using Nanobrow?

In my case, Nanobrow was fast to deliver the looked-for effects. Obviously, some of you might notice the outcomes of Nanobrow treatment sooner or later than me because it depends on the condition of eyebrows, susceptibility to new ingredients and whether you religiously follow the instructions given in the leaflet. The effects that I achieved with Nanobrow are as following:

  • extended, thicker and darker eyebrows;
  • encouraged growth of eyebrows in the area where I had lacked them before; the ends of eyebrows;
  • nourished, moisturized and conditioned eyebrows and skin;
  • improved state of my brows, the serum made them stronger;
  • brow hairs started growing faster;
  • eased makeup application (it’s easier to do makeup when eyebrows are full);
  • my eyes received nice-looking frame;
  • the serum beautified my face (eyebrows became an enhanced and beautifying element of my face).

Ingredients of Nanobrow eyebrow serum

The ingredients used in Nanobrow were selected in such a way to condition eyebrows and the skin from the outside and inside through affecting the follicles. Nanobrow eyebrow serum contains plant extracts such as ginseng extract, soy and wheat extracts and Baikal skullcap extract. Additionally, the composition also includes arginine, lactic acid and panthenol. Their task is to stimulate eyebrow growth, reinforce them and prevent the brows from thinning. Moreover, the ingredients take care of brow ridge skin and are responsible for boosting the appearance of eyebrows. What’s more, the serum is supposed to protect brows against damage and external aggressors, which in this case are free radicals. Finally, the ingredients used in Nanobrow are expected to moisturize, nourish and make the brows look natural, yet bold.

How do I apply Nanobrow eyebrow serum?

For me using Nanobrow eyebrow serum takes just a short while. However, before gliding the applicator along my eyebrows, I always make sure that they are clear of any colour cosmetics and impurities that might gathered on my face throughout a day, especially on my eye skin area. Then I unscrew the tube and spread the serum using the sponge applicator. Basically, this is all. Now Nanobrow penetrates eyebrows and skin immediately to start creating the desired effects.

product for eyebrow growth nanobrowExtra info on Nanobrow eyebrow serum

Price: Perhaps some of you might find the cost of Nanobrow eyebrow serum as high, but to me this is a cosmetic that is worth its weight in gold. I’m pretty sure that I’d buy another tube of Nanobrow without giving it much thought.

Storing: Nanobrow has to be stored vertically, tightly closed. Also, you have to make sure that the tube isn’t exposed to extreme temperatures and that there are no impurities that might get the access to the inside of the tube.

Applicator: to me, the applicator that Nanobrow comes with is one of the best and the most convenient to use. I can compare the applicator to those which you find in a regular lip gloss. What’s the best about it, the sponge is curved to match the shape of brow ridge.

Size: Nanobrow is sold in a 5-ml tube. This amount suffices to achieve the desired effects and keep them unchanged for a really long time. I also like the fact that the eyebrow serum can be put into a bag – the tube occupies literally no space at all. Learn more about the product:

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