D.I.Y. face mask beneficial in every respect!

Face masks should become an essential element of face and body care. Why? Because these beautifying products include in their composition precious ingredients which significantly improve skin condition and are irreplaceable in terms of combating skin imperfections. This skin defects may relate to acne marks, blackheads and even pigmentation marks along with all possible discolourations that are formed on our complexion unwanted.

Since everything which belongs to the nature works best for a human organism, the homemade face masks seem to be the first-class products that should be applied on our body. As an illustration, while preparing the homemade face mask, you can use anything which is at the fingertips, like for example, products stored in your cupboards, fridge and even the green shoots growing in your pots. Mixing such cosmetics, you are sure that the face mask you prepare is 100% natural and, as a consequence, totally compatible with your body. And how to produce your own natural face mask?


The recipe for your own homemade face mask cuting the mustard in every respect is as follows. Prepare a half of glass of water, a spoon of linseed, a spoon of oat flakes and a spoon of propolis. If you would like to, you can add some fruit and honey as well. Why these products in particular you have to prepare? First of all, linseed is one of the products widely-used in alternative medicine treatments. It contains plenty of vitamins as well as micro and macro elements. Considering the great amount of myxoid matrix, linseed provides essential oils and smooths skin and hair. Oat flakes, in turn, are rich in vitamins and minerals. What is more, this product has got regenerating, firming and exfoliating properties. When it comes to propolis and honey, these obviously are apiculture products. Similarly to the previously-mentioned products, these contain many vitamins and mineral salts. In general, apiculture products are of anti-bacterial, immunizing and protective properties.

When you have collected all crucial ingredients, you are ready to combine these. Take a jug and pour into it a half of glass of water. The less water you use, the less time you are going to devote on simmer. Now, add linseed, oak flakes and propolis. The last ingredient may be in form of granules or scraped straight off the beehive’s walls. When all the substances are in the jug, try to boil these and cook for approximately 15 minutes. This amount of time should be enough to make linseed produce a kind of characteristic mucus. When the water evaporates, blend the face mask adding your favourite fruits and honey. After cooling the mixture, apply it on your face and rinse after 20 minutes with warm water. Mind you, because of the goo substances that linseed produces, it may appear a little bit difficult to cleanse the face from the homemade face mask. Nevertheless, it is worth applying!

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